The Covey Team

We are a group who bonded during the 201 Word Press Blogging University. We are just in the process of forming and bringing in new members for our team. You can visit our individual blogs until we are at full tilt here.
Maria Brinkley, Pavanneh, Nicole Davis, Nikki, Adrienne, Ellen, James, and Meredith.

40 thoughts on “The Covey Team

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  2. Thanks for inviting me to join this group Meredith. I am just off out of the country for a week now and don’t know what if any wifi access I will have while I am away. Once I am back in the UK I’d be delighted to help in any way I can. Thanks for kick starting this group – a great idea.


  3. Go to word press help and book for users. Under users you will see a definition of roles. Read that & let us know what you want. Yes, I’d like for everybody to post as much or as little as they want to. We started out with the purpose of having an international kind of flavor – view from our home. I’ll bet you could think of some regional recipes that you’d like to share.


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