Barn Quilts

Barn Quilts m & g barn quilt

Mike and Gloria, my brother and sister-in-law, have a new addition to their barn, a barn quilt. Mike explains, “Donna Sue Groves wanted to honor her mother who was a master quilter and got the idea of doing a “barn quilt” after seeing the beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch barns with their hex designs while traveling on vacation. Her first quilt square was the Ohio Star on her family barn in southeast Ohio.”
barn quilt with horses
Gloria told me after they saw one they had to have one. Mike said, “We got the design from a label on a stadium blanket package given to us for Christmas by Gloria”s step son. A friend, Robin Robinson who does barn quilts in addition to other art projects, did the art work on a 4×4 board. Gloria’s step sons (Mike & David) attached it to the barn. You can see Mike, Robin and Gloria in the doorway. Robin is the one in the middle with the UT sweatshirt.

The custom has grown and there is driving trails to see various barn quilts throughout the country. If you go to the Facebook page Barn Quilts and the American Trail you can see a map of the United States. Click on your state and see if any are available to you. That’s how I found the one in my county, Montgomery County, Tennessee


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  2. Maybe Maria knows of some others. I’ve asked everyone who’s interested to start posting here as we did on the Commons. Maybe we can see at some point if they’re interested they’ll post here.


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