Shall we create categories now for our posts…

Shall we create categories now for our posts? I would like to write about Around and About Tennessee.


4 thoughts on “Shall we create categories now for our posts…

  1. Sure, we can do very broad categories then narrow them in tagging them with detail perhaps? Otherwise it can get pretty long (from experience) Maybe one for writing about Home Town, or Where I live.. one for sharing life, maybe one for family life, fun stuff, photography, fiction, poetry, musing, etc.. what do you think? We can also put categories for everyone that contributes by name (I’ve seen this done on another multi-contributing site I am on).


      • Yes, we could use only tags and our names as categories, then whatever else could be tagged. That is pretty much how the other site does it. Especially if we think that there will be more contributors down the line joining us, coupled with a lot of categories, it can take a long time to find the category.
        When I joined Poet’s Corner, the Admin emailed me saying that I was to use poetry and my name as the category and poem, poetry as tags.. he then fills in a few more tags.


  2. We will have some folks just getting up as we are on the way to bed. We need to give time for everyone to read the comments. One of the challenges of being an International Blog. We don’t have anyone from the Asia. Didn’t we have a blogger from Turkey. She would be a great addition.


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