Autumn in Queensland

May is late Autumn in Queensland, Australia.  These Golden Penda flowers are a special treat at this time of year.  This is an Australian wildflower and the shrubs are alive with bees.

image image image

Many streets have avenues of Golden Pendas planted along them as they are one of our most spectacular native trees.

Meredith, I  look forward to your  stories of being out and about in Tennessee!  It will be fascinating to see various parts of the world through local eyes.  What better way to discover new places in the world?

Welcome everyone!




14 thoughts on “Autumn in Queensland

  1. aw, these are beautiful! we don’t have anything like this in the uk, even though it is beginning to heat up for summer – everyone’s sweltering in the 20ºC (70ºF) weather ;3


  2. Very special and beautiful flowers:) Fun that it is late autumn when we have spring/early summer, although I knew that, of course… It is just one of the cool things with internet and the international “touch”. Thank you for sharing these flowers!


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