Since You Asked

Today I told you about Dunbar Cave. Someone asked if I had ever been inside. Yes, I had returned to Tennessee in 1991 from living in Florida for 5 years. My first granddaughter was almost 2 and I wanted to be closer than 900 miles.

Tennessee required 2 college courses to be recertified. I traveled from Nashville to Clarksville to attend a science class at Austin Peay University. It was the one of the best science classes I’ve ever taken. One fact I didn’t know, Tennessee has more species of trees than any other state.

The most interesting thing we did was visit Dunbar Cave. I saw the colorless, blind fish and the bats. I recall there were some tight squeezes on the tour. It was worth it to see the stalagmites and stalactites. Spelunking isn’t a hobby I’m drawn to, but touring is a different matter. I’d do that again.


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