a newcomer appears!

hi there all! my name’s mikiren, and i run jump into the fog, a blog about life, love and music :3 (sorry for the shameless plug XP) i’ve been added as another member of the wonderful covey gang, so thank you all ^^

i’m from bristol, england and today we’re having some glorious weather!! it’s been like this for the past week or so, temperatures soaring (at least for us) to 20 degrees (60 ish in Fahrenheit)!! unfortunately i won’t be able to enjoy this as i have school exams which have begun today!! eek!!

any advice for a panicky gal? how did you guys cope with exams and the mountain of stress that comes with them?


5 thoughts on “a newcomer appears!

  1. Thanks for your post. I used to study all night, but later when I did post grad work, I was wiser. My philosophy was take good notes, keep up with assignments and study a few hours. Get a good rest and not too much stimulants i.e. coffee. Let us know how you do. Prayers for success,


    • thank you very much, meredith! i’ve got a notebook which I keep my notes in and i’m pretty up to date, but i usually succumb to panic and stress at the last minute XO i’ll make sure to keep a mug of tea by my side!! thank you again :3


  2. Eighty and sunny here today in Virginia. My students are all in the midst of standardized testing which precedes their finals. They are all stressed out too. Good luck, you’re a smartie…I’m sure you’ll do just fine. šŸ™‚


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