I have tweaked the Categories a little Flowers and Birds has been combined into Flora & Fauna. I changed the categories on the two posts that this affected and deleted the birds and flowers categories. Meredith and I discussed this before I did this. This will give it a more streamline look. I also added the following Categories: Local Celebrities, Local Folklore, Regional Food, Events/Festivals, Local History. What other Categories should we have? I know some categories will happen naturally as we begin posting regularly but are there ones we want to aim to have to set the tone for our authors and the site?

21 thoughts on “Categories

  1. Great idea Nicole and Meredith! This will help create the theme of the blog and give ideas for posts. Other suggestions for categories could be – Local Industry, Favourite local walks, Local Tourism, Local Architecture, Local Museums. These are just ideas. 😊


  2. I am not sure if it to just dive in here and give suggestions, but I hope so:) And it is just a suggestion, I wonder if the “Flora and Fauna” category could be just “Nature”? A bit broader but also a shorter name?
    But as I wrote it is just a suggestion!


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