fame, fortune and a little city in the south west

although it may not seem like much, apparently the city i live in (bristol) has been home to many famous faces. i’ve been told this over and over by various school projects attempting to show how wonderful our city is, and to be honest it is actually a pretty nice place to live in, despite the scarier parts of the city and my heavy sarcasm ;P

so here’s a list of some of the things that bristol is famous for…apologies if you’ve never heard of any of them ;3…

☆ aardman animations (wallace and gromit, anyone?) was founded here! nick park and co. are from bristol (but they never replied to the letter i sent them when i was 8 😦 )
☆ banksy the graffiti artist is rumoured to have attended bristol grammar, a school which some of my friends go to now :0
☆ a load of british comedians came from bristol, russell howard and bill bailey being two of them
☆ surprisingly, the suave cary grant is from bristol!

has your city produced any claims to fame? i would love to know them!

~miki ♥︎

10 thoughts on “fame, fortune and a little city in the south west

  1. Cool! Great idea for a post. 🙂 I”m from just outside of Washington D.C. in Fairfax County, Virginia. Here are a few of our claims to fame: Sandra Bullock, Katie Couric, Dave Grohl (Nirvana), Sean Parker (Napster), Grant Hill (NBA) and George Washington.


  2. Love it! This is really interesting! I had no idea Cary Grant was From Bristol. Can you edit your post and add it to the Local Celebrities Category? I live in a City full of claims to fame. I will write a post on them soon.


  3. OMG! The town where Wallace and Gromit were born. I’m so jealous – shame they didn’t answer your letter though. My town Nambour was once home to a former Australian Prime minister – Kevin Rudd.
    My own brother, Mark Brinkley, was a Senior Soloist in the Australian Ballet Company. He performed with the company for 20 years. Thanks for your great post, Miki, and for the local info on Bristol. 😊


    • oh wow! i’d love to meet a ballet dancer – i had a phase when i was little, as every girl did, when i was aspiring to become a ballerina. luckily i realised i’m not exactly talented in dance 😛 thanks for you comment!!


      • Well, you are very talented in writing, Miki! I was not specially talented in dance either although I did learn ballet when I was young.

        My brother knew that Cary Grant came from Bristol – he is an old movie buff! Good to see your post here on this blog. You must be busy with school exams. Good Luck! 🙂


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