Hi everyone I’m relatively new to blogging and…

Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to blogging and came here looking for the same thing everyone else is: A community of support and ideas. I’ve been promoting my blog on my own with limited success. Hopefully keeping at it will eventually pay off.

I’m trying to have mass appeal and (mostly) avoid controversial topics. Maybe that’s my problem…I’m too accommodating and always avoid a fight if I can. It seems no one notices unless you’re screeching about something.

It seems most of the bloggers here are women, and I’m a guy. I’m not sure it matters; it’s just an observation.

Stop by and see me at http://www.twentyfirstsummer.com

11 thoughts on “Hi everyone I’m relatively new to blogging and…

  1. Thanks, ladies. One of the ideas I was given to promote & develop my own blog was to read and get involved with other blogs. It’s a two-way street. So here I am!

    Expressing myself isn’t too hard. I started life as an English teacher and now I’m an…electronic technician?? Yes, really! I’m the only tech in the company who uses a semicolon in his reports!

    Thanks again for the kindness.


  2. Welcome, Chris! Gender doesn’t matter to me. (Haha, I’m cracking myself up….says the mom whose blog is centered on gender issues) I am following quite a few guys- I just go with what interests me- not the gender of the writer. Hope to hear more from you!


  3. Welcome! My experience is that it is more women in the world of blogs, so that might be a reason… Where I work there are almost only men so I know how it is to be a “minority”, no big deal:) So just hop in and be a part of the community, great to see you here!


  4. You know, I’ve never thought about the genders of the bloggers I read. It’s usually pretty obvious if they are a guy or a girl, but now you say I have noticed a shortage in guys who blog-there seem to be a few high profile guys for each topic but not many others besides. So good on you! And then there are bloggers who you can’t really tell by how they write unless they say something in a post or on their about page. I look and follow for the content, so it’s all good! Hope you keep it up πŸ™‚

    -the Ace


    • Hi Chris, from one guy to another guy, welcome aboard the big sailing ship that is Coveyview where we onboard are exploring the big wide blogging world together. We are all here to help and advise each other on blogging and, believe me, all the people on this ship are marvellous and really helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions on the journey.


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