Mariefred, an old town with a royal history

This is a post that will show you something about my region, a historic region in Sweden called Sodermanland. And it is about Mariefred, an old historic town.

The town was founded around year 1370, it is a town with a lot of old wooden houses. The name Mariefred means “Maria’s peace” or Pax Mariae like the monastery that gave the town its name.

In 1400 a major castle was built here, the castle “Gripsholm”. That castle was taken over by Gustav Vasa in 1530. In his rule the monastery was grounded during the reformation when the Swedes was supported to be Protestants. The castle is still there and today it holds a lot of old portraits of royalties and other old celebrities. It is a museum for everyone to visit, a great experience.

Castel of Gripsholm

Castel of Gripsholm

A town with many wooden houses have often been through some fire… That is the case in Mariefred as well, there have been three major fires, in 1620, 1640 and 1682. In 1682 the church burned down to. There have always been rebuilding in these towns and the houses today are rather old too. The photos below shows how the church looks today.

Mariefred is situated by “Mälaren” which is a major lake that goes all the way to Stockholm and are also connected with the Baltic sea. There have been a lot of  shipping in the past, both gods and passengers. By steam boats… There still is a steam boat going from Mariefred to Stockholm, called S/S Mariefred. It has been in traffic since 1903. Mariefred is also known for its steam trains. Some of them are still in traffic too. There are a lot of people coming to Mariefred to see the old railway station and to travel the old trains or boat.

15 thoughts on “Mariefred, an old town with a royal history

      • What a gorgeous place you live in! We are a bit short on castles here! Our local beauty is more rivers and beaches. A lot of our older buildings were made of wood and lost in fires which is a real shame. I love buildings from the past as a lot of the architecture toady seems a bit soulless.


  1. what a cute little town! i would love to go visit some day, it seems wonderful! you must be so lucky to live in a place like this. thanks for sharing!!


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