Weekend Away

Wasaga Beach is the longest fresh-water beach in the world. Known for it’s clean sand and the endless shallow waters to play in, I grew up with many visits here over the years.

Although this weekend, traditionally the first weekend of guaranteed warm weather for us, was to chilly to visit the beach, we had a wonderful family time.

33 thoughts on “Weekend Away

      • Oh no – that is exactly what they say to me! An ultrasound tech showed my boyfriend his baby finger and said for every space that size, I have 10 – 20 stones.
        I say it’s cause we really rock!
        Seriously, though.. I am so sad that you go through this also. I’ve suffered so much from these little demon stones and ended up with septic infections that took four months of the last two years of my life in the hospital. Twice in ICU.. I don’t let it get that far when I can help it, but the pain is relentless, as you know also.
        Don’t you love the few days a year that you just don’t feel them? It is like being set free.


      • I honestly think I must be used to it, because I often dont notice…but many of mine are very small ( though some are 5.5mm and larger!) I do tend to drink alot of drinks with lemon juice in them because that breaks down some types of stones. I am so sorry you suffer with them so terribly! I guess, though I didn’t realize it until right now, Im actually quite fortunate to have as few problems as I have. the ache in my middle is something I always thought was just because my pants are too tight LOL 🙂


      • Hahaha because your pants are too tight. I get little stones but often will pass ones that are either close to or just over a centimetre. These ones have quite the bite (although so does anything over 5mm, and sometimes the small ones too if they are jagged).
        I drink a lot of water also and like you, I thank God that if I am to suffer, that it is not something that threatens my life. (Well with the exception of the several septic infections I got from backup into the kidneys). But those have gotten a little less frequent, thank God!


    • lol there are a few from my iphone, but most are from a simple SLR camera (low end of the type), Fuji Finepix HS 25EXR.
      Thanks so much for your kind words.
      Have a great day,


  1. The longest freshwater beach in the world? Love to see some pictures of that when the weather warms up! I am a real beach person – beaches are all good. This one sounds fabulous! Enjoyed this post very much Easter Ellen. Thanks. 😊


    • Oh thank you so much for your kind words. Wasaga is such a great place. Much a retirement area now.. I should write more about it in another post. but it has extremes of every kind there.
      Have a great night,


      • Love the pictures, Easter and the fact it’s a fresh water beach you visited. I’ve been persuaded by Maria to take some pictures whist here in Cyprus (I’m hopeless at taking pictures!), so I have been out today armed with iPad and taken a few which I will upload next week when I am back in the UK.


      • I hope that you share them.. My pictures are very amateur, but as time goes on and I see others’ work, read tips and tricks (Ceen Photography is great), my work is getting a little more refined. I would love a good camera though! Mine is low end of the SLR family, but it does the job. For now. 🙂


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