https www facebook com coveyview Our facebook page… Our facebook page is live! I still have to get our pictures on there, but I have it set to automatically feed our posts to the page as we publish them. I am unsure if that includes status updates, part of why I’m doing this as a status update is to check that. Also I’m trying to find a better Facebook button. The one that the widget supplies, is ugly. I will find or design a better one myself, unless someone beat me to it, which is fine!


16 thoughts on “https www facebook com coveyview Our facebook page…

  1. Status Updates do feed to the facebook page as well. LOL They do not however have the abilty to be shared later via all the Share this options. Which I added to and changed how they looked earlier.


  2. Well done, Nicole. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into coveyview. I must say the blog looks great to me. I am enjoying reading the posts very much. And it truly is a tour around the world! 😊


    • You are welcome, I’m enjoying it. It’s letting me flex my techie muscle a little bit and like I said earlier in the week It’s occupying my brain a little which is a good thing. Hopefully once we get the behind the scenes things set up a little more I can start showing off my part of the world, though there are two others in my area!!! Small world. Christina and Alicia are both really close to me. Alicia is in the same city and Christina is in neighboring city that I am in at least once or twice a week! Between the three of us we should be able to give everyone a great view of our area.


      • I got out my Weekly Wednesday book review and finished the book I’m reviewing for Bethel Press. I’ll write tomorrow for them and post it on some Wednesday in the future on Meredith’s Musings. It has been a pleasant day with some time spent outside reading on our deck. I know you’ve been busy. I want to see about getting a widget for categories tomorrow. Night and sleep tight..


      • Categories widget should be an easy one, if I remember correctly it’s a drop down menu type. I was looking through the widgets earlier. I’m not happy with the facebook like button widget, so I want to make a better one or something.
        You wednesday sounds lovely. I got both of my freelance articles that were due out tomorrow submitted to their respective clients today. I’ve been on the couch most of the day, it’s a low energy day so I took advantage of it and got my writing work and some web stuff done. I figure the active stuff can wait until a day I feel better. I’m slowly learning how to gear my days around my illnesses…slowly. lol


    • You are welcome! If anyone would like to help with it I can add people to the admin part of facebook, but I think I may have to be friends with you on facebook before I can…. 🙂


  3. Thank you, Nicole! I’m planning on checking it out and finishing up my first Covey post to share now that things are quieting down for the next week or so.


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