I wrote something quick and short for the…

I wrote something quick and short for the about page to reflect our group. We need to come up with something better for a more long term About Page. Who wants to adopt that as their project?

10 thoughts on “I wrote something quick and short for the…

  1. Good morning , Nicole! Putting my hand up for the About page! I was thinking a list of everyone gravatars with a note to say where everyone lives (if I can figure out how to do this!). Sounds like another steep learning curve for me. I have checked out the P2 theme and instructions on how to use it. Interesting. 😊


    • Good Morning Maria, It appears we are on opposite ends of our days! I’m winding down for the evening. We already have The Covey Crew list that has everyone’s location listed….. But perhaps Use the gravatars, and a short one liner bio type deal? I have been collecting gravatars for the facebook page and can send those over to you. Or do we need our about page to be more geared toward the blog itself since we have the Covey Crew list…We could always add pictures to that page since I already have the locations and names/alias listed there. So glad you are taking on the about page project!!! 🙂


      • Good thinking Nicole! Yes I think we don’t need another list. I will be happy to go to the About page draft and write a mission statement concerning what coveyview is about. Then you can read it and tell me what you think. 😊. I will do this today.


      • Awesome! I will most likely read it when I get up in the morning….. Okay I’m about to go insane trying to get the facebook like button. The one that shows up with the widget is ugly. SIGHS BUT we have a facebook page that is functioning now. I still have to add all of our pictures but I’ve gotten them out of the many emails into one folder on my computer now, so I’m making progress! 🙂


  2. It’s just an idea, but for the Covey Crew page pictures is a great idea, and also I was thinking maybe a short couple of lines on what each blog/blogger is about? Like a quick overview of everything to offer, kind of thing.


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