The Extremes of Chicago

Chicago in the summer is a masterpiece. As soon as I leave work, a canopy-covered street breathes with the fresh air of the lake. If I hopped on a bus and took it to the end of the route, I would find myself in Lincoln Park where Chicagoans jog, skate, or bike on the sidewalk, or they just chat on plaid blankets laid out on the sides of hills all afternoon. Just near my bus stop is a place that offers boat tours on the water. I took my niece out for an architectural tour one day. The presenter’s speech wasn’t as much fun as the spray we’d receive whenever the boat banked left. After the tour, we walked onto the pier together soaked but absolutely pleased!

Winter is also beautiful, but I have fewer pictures because it’s harder to be patient outside in the cold waiting for the perfect shot! As you can see from the picture, a lot of my neighbors decorate their yards for the holiday season. Big flashy bulbs glimmer above your head. And on the main roads, street vendors sell roasted almonds and stir vats of Mexican hot chocolate to warm up your bones. Occasionally, along the side of every street, you’ll see a lonely little chair sitting in a perfect square of snowless pavement. The chairs are to save the parking spots for the people who took the trouble to shovel their cars out. It’s just an unspoken Chicago law that if a chair is standing guard over a parking spot, you move along to another.

8 thoughts on “The Extremes of Chicago

  1. Thanks for the tour, Nate. I understand Chicago is also known as the ‘windy city’? How hot does it get in the summer? Does being next to Lake Michigan make it cooler during the summer months? Mexican hot chocolate sounds very tempting.


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