U.S. Botanic Gardens

img_4397In April I visited the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington D.C. which is about 25 minutes from my home.

Even though I grew up in the area, this was the first time I had ever visited. It was a gardener’s delight!! The smells were intoxicating and everywhere I looked there were unusual plants and flowers I had never seen before. In fact, that was one of my favorite parts of my visit.

img_44581Here’s a bit of information about the Gardens: The U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington, D.C. is on the grounds of the United States Capitol. The conservatory is divided up into different rooms according to habitat. A few of these include: the jungle, the orchid room, medicinal plants, rare and endangered plants, the Children’s Garden, and world deserts. Outdoor gardens include a rose garden, a butterfly garden and the First Ladies Water Garden which is a water garden in memory of the First Ladies of the United States.

7 thoughts on “U.S. Botanic Gardens

  1. I love to visit Botanic Gardens. Thanks for the tour! Is that a red flower growing straight out of the tree trunk? I’ve never seen that before. There is such an amazing diversity of plant life in this world. 😊


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