Lincoln Park Zoo and the Quest to See Bears

I am a Midwest girl, born and raised in the suburbs south of Chicago. I had the opportunity to go to Lincoln Park Zoo a few days ago with my children and grandson. This zoo is located north of the city, right off Lake Michigan. With the lake on one side and the skyscrapers on the other it’s a really cool drive.




Upon arrival we ran into the lion habitat. We didn’t see the lion but we saw a tiger so it seemed like a good start to the day. My grandson, CJ, requested to see the bears and so our quest began.

We are unfamiliar with this zoo, being loyal Brookfield Zoo members on and off over the years but this zoo is free and with 5 adults and 1 child, money does play a part. You would think that 5 adults could read a map and find the bear exhibit. Guess again.



This zoo is very pretty, in a park like setting. The pond is large, filled with swans and ducks. We got to see a mama swan arranging her eggs in her nest before settling down on top. We also sat down to have a snack and watch the seals in a training demonstration.


The flamingos were entertaining to watch. They have such excellent balancing abilities. And sleeping with their heads tucked in their wings while a flock of people are standing there talking loudly is another great talent. But still no sign of those bears.

We did eventually find the bear exhibit and saw the back end of what might have been a larger cub or small adult bear in the distance but that was it. I’m not sure where the bears were hiding that day.


On the way out, we passed the lion habitat once again and lo and behold, there he was- the king of the jungle. He was just lounging up on his throne (rock) surveying his land.


My kids insisted on getting these creepy masks. They declared them the best $6 spent ever!

Although we left the zoo with our quest not really complete, we still had a nice day. It is a beautiful  zoo, maybe a bit low on animals, but with the city and lake as backdrops, how can you go wrong?

4 thoughts on “Lincoln Park Zoo and the Quest to See Bears

  1. Great post! I loved the tour! Pictures were amazing, especially the ones of your kids with those masks! That made me laugh! As long as they are having fun and enjoying them that’s all that matters right? 🙂

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