blog stamps!

hey guys! don’t know if this has been done/suggested before (due to school and other related activities, i haven’t been as up to date on covey activities as i would like to be XP), but i thought it would be a nice idea to make some little banners for all your blogs that link to the covey! it would help get a lot more people visiting this little site and would spread even more awareness of it ^^ i designed the banners in a stamp style, since we’re from all over the world! they’re also in a range of different sizes, so you can choose which one you’d like!

admins – can you spread the word about these? it would be nice if everyone put one of these on their blog, to show they’re part of the covey :3 thank you!!!

coveyview250X187 coveyview500X373 coveyview750X560 coveyview1000X750


~miki ♥


9 thoughts on “blog stamps!

  1. Miki, Please use the Covey Crew blog for these types of posts. I created a separate blog called The Covey Crew so we can do all of our admin/behind the scenes communications there. 🙂 I resent invites yesterday for that blog, I assume you didn’t recieve the invite. I will resend yours again as soon as I send this.


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