Today it’s mothers day in Sweden

A few weeks later than the rest of you, finally we have celebrated mothers day:)

I woke up this morning, alone with my two daughters, they made my breakfast!

While drinking coffee I scrolled though my Facebook feed and saw cakes, gifts and “look how amazing my children are”… For a second I felt a bit jealous because all my friends seems to have partners helping their children out and that everyone have such “amazing” families. I was not comfortable with that feeling… I gave it another thought and of course:

A moment later I realised how blessed I am, having two wonderful children and also that they spend the day with me, like many other days. This is the greatest of gifts; time spent together, children sure are a blessing in our lives. It is a gift to be close to them, every day, to share tears, laughter, joy and pain. Me and my children are “the three musketeers”:)

This mothers day we decided to pack some food and swimsuits, the weather are still great and it seemed to be a hot day. After making some sandwiches, coffee and more we packed ourselves into the car and went to the archipelago. The first day with swimming and sunbathing. Sharing this experience is fantastic, a lot of laughing, eating and chatting this day.

As you can see there was a lot of wonderful flowers on the cliffs, enough for every mother and child:) We spotted some fish, and some sea gulls. Wonderful birds who screens out “it’s summer”. Now when my children lay in their beds and I look back at our day I know that I could not have wished for a better mothers day, we have had an awesome day.


11 thoughts on “Today it’s mothers day in Sweden

  1. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! I’m so glad you have the ability to get past the comparison thing. It really sounds like you had the BEST mother’s day of all your fb friends. 🙂 Great pics too. This was a lovely story. ❤


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