Anyone want to discuss my book-in-progress with me?

I’m writing a young adult fantasy novel and I really want someone who I can discuss some ideas with, a sounding board of sorts to give me an outsider perspective. And also to proofread little bits of it, and give me some honest feedback. I think that it’s really helpful to get a few different takes on something. Obviously nothing formal, just having a chat and giving me your uncensored opinions on whatever we’re talking about. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting!

Is anyone interested in doing that? It’d be good if you’ve read fantasy and/or young adult fiction before so you’re roughly familiar with the scene. Or just generally if you read a lot.



-The Ace

14 thoughts on “Anyone want to discuss my book-in-progress with me?

  1. oh man, i’d love to help!! me and my bf k are actually working on something like that right now, so we’ve got a ton of experience ^^ k loves fantasy books and can help with your genre and setting and all that stuff, while i’m a huge stickler for character development and plot and all that stuff, so hopefully together we can give some great advice!

    as a matter of fact, i had an idea for my own novel like this in the shower this morning (don’t ask) and i’m probably gonna be starting it today – tips for tips?

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    • Sounds great! It’s exactly what I was looking for 😀
      Looks like it could be a great working partnership! Do tell k that he should feel free to give me his suggestions as well!

      Haha, I don’t know if I’m in any position to offer tips-I’ve been writing for about 3ish years now-not on that one thing-but in general, so I’m still sort of new here. And I’ve only done a prologue and chapter one as yet-but that’s why! I want to get all this sorted early on.

      I’m pretty excited that someone actually replied! Wait, did you say you were in London as well? I think so….right? And you like CNBLUE? Have I got the right person?


      • i’m not in london, but i am in england (bristol, as a matter of fact ^^) and i am the gal who likes cnblue and finished death note on saturday (or was it sunday? i can’t remember XP)! yes, that’s pretty much me :3

        i’ll pester k about your story when i can!! and don’t worry about your experience, i’m a pretty new writer too, at least in the realm of big novels and such ;3 how are you going to send what you’ve done?


      • I see, Bristol, cool! Great, that’d have been very embarrassing for me if I’d got that wrong. Why did I decide to ask anyway?

        Ok we need to have a proper discussion about Death Note and anime and kpop, but that’s best left for another time. For sending it, FB is good, email is also good. Twitter is fine as well-but twitter not so much cause of the 140 character limit.

        Haha if he wants to help, I’ll be happy but don’t pester him ;P

        Ok, I need to go for a little bit and eat but I’ll be back soon. But we do need to discuss this.


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