the sense of an ending


i have literally just finished this book, and i must say, it was one of the best i’ve ever read – and i’ve read a lot of books! the sense of an ending, by julian barnes is a moving and deeply thoughtful piece of writing, about our pasts, our changing memories and how they can affect our lives as we grow older. i don’t want to explain the plot – the amazon page does it so much better than i ever could, but it’s supremely gripping and full of little callbacks to the narrator’s younger days. it’s told in fragments, similar to the nature of our memories, a huge theme in this book.

the book isn’t very long at all – only about 150 pages, and i finished it in 2 hours (yup, i read fast), but it leaves you with many questions that linger long after you finish reading it. the narrator feels like someone you know in real life, you get to know him that well. i would wholeheartedly recommend this book to all of you, and definitely think it deserved the nomination for the man booker prize it got.

“There is accumulation. There is responsibility. And beyond these, there is unrest. There is great unrest.”

~miki ♥︎

p.s: can one of the admins add a reviews section pretty please? i know meredith has done a couple of book reviews and it would be nice to have a section dedicated to them ^^

23 thoughts on “the sense of an ending

  1. Yes! This is a great book-you really really get to see inside the main characters. It’s honest and shows plainly what he struggles with. I also like how he’s actually telling Adrian’s(his name was Adrian if I remember right) story and how that impacted him. It’s really well done I think. It’s got a very definite atmosphere and style and that’s mainly what I like and why I can read about the pretty depressing stuff there is in that book.

    Also, I think the actual book looks exquisite-the cover is just a perfect fit and the black tipped pages are so uncommon.

    -The Ace


    • yes, his name was adrian! i just loved how the *potential spoiler* little spiteful things the narrator tony did affected adrian so much – it makes you think about what you might have done yourself…

      and the book is just beautiful! i totally agree ^^


      • Good good, I did remembered then 🙂 I just read so much that I forget who was from where.
        Yeah, I really agree-I was seriously thinking if I’d done anything like that and worrying. It’s like, it’s not just a book it made me think properly about things that I’ve said and how I’ve lived.

        Also, did you get my email yesterday? What did you think of it?


      • yes i did get your email, but unfortunately i haven’t been able to read the prologue in a whole load of detail XO i’ve been busy with a whole load of stuff >~<; i'll try and get some time to read it today, and get a nice lil review out by friday at the most!!

        k also replied with some tips:

        "A) concept sounds good, although even more detail would be good. [this guy is insane]
        B) She's going to need nicknames for the main charas, as they are stupidly huge"


      • Oh ok, don’t worry about it! This is just a casual side thing, so I don’t want it to feel like a chore.

        Also, tell k that doesn’t know the half of it yet-there is a hell of a lot more detail that I didn’t include because
        1-the email would have been crazily long and
        2-I didn’t want to scare you off with the depth and amount of detail I’ve thought out.

        Also, I hope you realise that those were full names-with middle names and all. Trystan and Julius and Chinni will just be called their names but Jadranka is a bit long so that becomes Jada, and this is not including the actual nicknames they get from their friends and stuff.
        So k is totally in his right mind for saying that, and he is starting to sound even more like me.


      • i’ll tell him all that ^^ and is it okay if you put your prologue non google docs so that we both can see and comment on individual parts of it? it would be better than having to write essays and essays about it ^^


      • That’s fine-do you want me to share it with you? Should we create a circle?

        By the way, I’m not expecting in-depth analysis or a formal review, I think conversation and edits are better. Though if you are going to edit, please, in a different colour.


      • Well, I still don’t know even your real name, so I don’t really care one way or another. I just put mine on there because I figure it’s safe enough for me.

        Yeah I’ll save it there now as ‘prologue common copy’, that okay?


      • Alright it’s up. I’ve set you able to edit but please edit in a different colour if you want to. And make it clear why you’re editing. If you could pass that on to k as well.


      • Wow, my language looks like it’s really bad in these comments-missed words and grammatical errors all over the place. That’s what comes from typing too quickly and not checking back, I guess.


      • There’s tons of stuff more to tell you really, like all of the backstories for each character most of which will not be explained in the book but is there all the same. To be honest, I probably have enough of that material to even write a prequel, even though there are NO plans for that whatsoever. And just on another note, I’d have thought that long full names are part of detail-of course they’d shorter names they actually use.


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