Sunday Morning Walk in My Hometown

This morning I took my dog for a walk to take some pictures around town. Summer has finally arrived in Chicago and not a moment too soon. I’m sure it will only take a day or 2 of temperatures in the upper 80’s and everyone will have forgotten the never ending winter we just endured and start complaining about the heat!

I have lived in this town most of my life. It’s a suburb about 25 miles from Chicago, making it a decent car ride and even quicker train ride. The train station is near my house and my family uses it often to get to the city. This town was established in the 1800’s and the expansion of the railroad caused a boom in industry. It currently has a population of just over 50,000 people and although that might seem like a lot, it really does have a small town feel to it. Many people who grow up here, remain here to raise their own families. Although it boasts all the necessities in life (like McDonalds, Target and Walgreens), it is a great place to live with all the comforts of small town living right here and the fun big city stuff a short distance away.

This is just a snapshot of my hometown.

Next week my family will be going to Orlando, Florida- Disney World!!! I hope to have some exciting things to share with you when I get back- especially my daughter-in-law, Jasmine’s and grandson, Christopher’s impressions since it’s their first time.

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