Sunway Pyramid

I got to go to Sunway Pyramid and I loved the theme of the mall!


The mall has an Egyptian concept to it, and is a nice change from the ordinary concept of most malls.


This is Sunway’s mini version of ‘Arab Street’, which mostly has restaurants, and they’re pretty good!:-)


This is what it looks like from the outside at night. The place is stunning!


With the world cup about to start, this is something you’ll spot all around.


There’s an ice skating rink too! You could spend an entire day here, you could watch a movie, shop, go ice skating, bowling, indoor archery, as well as the theme park that’s a 5 minute walk, (but still within Sunway)!

Visit Sunway and tell me what your experience was like!

9 thoughts on “Sunway Pyramid

  1. Very nice!! Pretty much the same of what we have here. The Egypt-themed mall here in Dubai is called Wafi City. It’s a ‘touristy’ mall, and you get lost so easily.


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