A Father’s Arms

A father is a child’s first hero. A child’s mind fills with awe, his deep voice seemingly echoing from every corner of each room. Strong hands lifting, there is a giggle of anticipation, into the air they fly.Arms they are sure that can move a mountain catch them as they plummet to the ground. Again, again, the yelps of delight bubble forth, knowing their wish will be granted. Once again the ever strong arms grasp and hold safe the precious bundle of joy.


Our Heavenly Father’s arms are stronger still. He’s there to hold us when we cannot walk. He’s there to shield us when the storm blows long and hard. In our darkest hour He is our light, our candle or our pillar of fire. He is that strong tower that is just ahead; we run in and are safe ‘til the storm passes by. Our Father in heaven even has a voice that sounds like that thunder. He also has a whisper for the quiet moments when we need just the gentlest reassurance.


‘You are the strongest man I have ever known, the strength you have goes beyond compare. Yes, I could talk about your physical strength and that would merit quite a tale or two. It’s the inner strength I feel is the best of your qualities. Not to put down your manly muscled arms, broad shoulders or your masculine pride.


The things I have learned the most from you is to have a job and keep it, no matter what the task at hand. Be it working dawn ‘till dawn, then that is what you must. Providing for the family is always a must. No matter how weary, worn or tired you put your hours in to pull the paycheck out.


God is always on our side even if we cannot see Him. Unable to feel Him then well, He must be carrying us for this part of the journey. Look in the sand, is there one set of prints, or is there two? Think positive, you still have plenty left if you’re thinking glass half full.’


It is not a stretch to say I feel safe in my father’s arm. There’s comfort, love and security when you feel the loving warm embrace. Ever more so true is when you feel God surround with His arms of love. It’s oh so true ‘A Father’s Arms’.


By Alicia Logsdon


The greatest gift came from God, I call him Dad~

The greatest gift came from God, I call him Dad~

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