Tennessee Sounds Good Part 1

sounds good

I was born in Missouri, but spent more time in Tennessee, so I call it home. The name comes from a Cherokee word, Tanasi, the name of a village translated river. Our statehood birthdate is June 1, 1796.

basinhighland rim
The Nashville Basin or the Central Basin, the area surrounding Nashville, Tennessee, was caused by an uplifting which produced a dome. The underlying rock strata dip down away from Nashville. The uplifting of the dome fractured overlying strata, causing erosion and resulted in the dome becoming a basin.

One of the main difficulties of living here in the basin is allergies. Nothing escapes the basin, and several types of pollen flourishes here. Contributing factors are a longer growing season, rainfall with a temperate climate, and amazing variety of trees and grasses. Guess what Iā€™m allergic to, trees and grass. At least I donā€™t have to mow! But I love to garden and it makes me miserable.

grand div
Another distinction of Tennessee is three geographic regions. The Grand Divisions are East, Middle, and West Tennessee, many times called the 3 states of Tennessee. Each is roughly one-third of the state’s land area, and are geographically, culturally, legally, and economically distinct. Our flag of Tennessee has three prominent stars representing the Grand Divisions.


2 thoughts on “Tennessee Sounds Good Part 1

  1. Allergies can really make trouble. I hope you still can enjoy gardening a bit. Gardening are one of my favorite things and I know what it means to me. Interesting post about a place that I did not know anything about before:)


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