A day at the zoo, Kolmården

I am, at the moment not so much online. There are a lot of other activities with my kids now as the summer has come and we are all off for some weeks. Wonderful days when we bake, go for a swim or a walk.

My youngest daughter and I visited the zoo called Kolmården last Wednesday. We both loved this visit, especially the dolphins. I know it might not be right to keep animals behind bars, but this park is awesome. It’s actually the largest zoo in Scandinavia and it’s very nice to visit.

We went on a tour with a ropeway to see the safari park. Here we saw lions, giraffes, elks and so on, all from above. The tour lasted for about 25 minutes. The view over the Baltic sea beside the park was also fantastic.

We also went by foot to se the elephants and camels and other animals on the savannah.

A baby elephant

A baby elephant

We ended up by the dolphins. And we was lucky to see to of them mating, which in the beginning looked like they where dancing. Much affection and they looked like they where in love. It was amazing.

A dance of love

A dance of love




After several hours at the zoo, we went home, both satisfied with our day. On the way out we found these traces…

A tiger?

A tiger?


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