Watertown, Tennessee, Part 1

I went for a weekend visit with my brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Gloria Dixon. They live in a beautiful town called Watertown. I want to tell you a little about the town and my visit.

After the Revolutionary War, the federal and nine state governments awarded land grants to citizens and soldiers for services rendered. Colonel Archibald Lytle and his brother William were given land that is now known as Watertown. Wilson L. Waters moved into the area in late 1700’s. In 1845 the post office moved from nearby Three Forks to Wilson’s store. Waters added a sawmill, gristmill and blacksmith shop. Eventually his 400-acre farm became known as Watertown.

When the Nashville and Knoxville Railroad built a depot in Watertown in 1885, it became the hub of business in the area. The increased business led to a doubling of the village’s size. A fire in 1903 destroyed the wood structures of the village, and many businesses. Rebuilding resulted in a town square surrounded by brick buildings; it remains the core of the current city of Watertown.

The town has been the site of several music videos, television episodes and motion picture productions throughout its history. Visit http://www.watertowntn.com/ to see a listing. Here’s one I like http://youtu.be/_EL3kSwh-h0

Songwriter Tom T. Hall wrote these lyrics about Watertown, Tennessee:
I got a little farm and it’s mostly rock
It ain’t too much but it’s all I got
Bluebirds singing in the evergreen trees
In Watertown Tennessee
Hey, Watertown Tennessee
People in Watertown will never do die
When they reach a hundred they can truly fly
Sail into heaven on a southerly breeze
In Watertown Tennessee
Hey, Watertown Tennessee
I had me an outhouse down by the creek
Prettiest outhouse you ever did see
Flood came along now I’m up the creek
In Watertown Tennessee
Hey, Watertown Tennessee
Well, a big old red hawk circling around
Looking for a chicken down here on the ground
Sometimes he gets as high as me
In Watertown Tennessee
Hey, Watertown Tennessee
When I get to heaven if I ever do die
I’m a gonna cut me a hole in the sky
Sittin’ in a mansion and all I’ll see
Is Watertown Tennessee
Hey, Watertown Tennessee
Now if you want to be famous and you want to be rich
People in Watertown taught me a trick I’m gonna tell it
If I stay around long, whoops, that’s the end of this song
Called Watertown Tennessee

Times up today. Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you some intimate details of Watertown.


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