Nynäs -a walk in a historic preserve

Last week we went to a wonderful place for walking. There is an old castle, wonderful garden, some farming  museum with animals for the children, a wonderful plant shop and above all there are great forest sights to walk in.

The history behind Nynäs is that it first known owner was settled in 1328 and her name was Birgitta Jonsdotter. Since then it have been a lot of owners of the property. In 1969 it was partly sold to the state and in 1984 it was completely sold to the state.

The forest and also the sea “Långmaren”  just beside the castle are a nature preserve with a nature trail that I love. I walk here at least once every summer…

We started up our walk from the vegetable garden (who supplies the restaurant in Nynäs).

Next stop on our walk was on a hill with a wonderful view over the sea “Långmaren”, and also below the hill when we got there.

I  could have brought you some photos of the castle, but there was not time for that, you can see it here.

I got stuck in the wonderful nature and the views, as I always do when I get here. I will end up with some amazing plants I found in the forest, they looks almost magic:-)

In the forest

In the forest

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