Watertown, Tennessee Part 2

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The population of Watertown is around 1,480 souls. Perhaps you think there’s nothing to do in this small community of commuters and farmers; you’d be wrong.

music festival
Saturday, July 12, there is a Music Festival taking place. If you’d like to know more visit http://watertownmusicandarts.com/.

Sunset Shopping on Saturday, July 19 features drawings for prizes, refreshments and special sales.

jims antiques
While you’re there you’ll want to visit Jim’s Antique’s on the square. Jim is a Maine transplant. Each year Jim makes the trip back to Maine; when he returns he brings maple syrup and other New England delicacies for his customers in the Middle Tennessee area.

This fall in September you won’t want to miss the famous Mile Long Yard Sale.

In October the Excursion Train will feature a Train Robbery benefit. You can see the full year schedule of the train at http://tcry.org/pass_ops.htm. November the event on the train is the Murder Mystery Train. Attendees are encouraged to come in costume and to be ready to participate. Of course the train runs the Polar Express with Santa in December.
pol ex


5 thoughts on “Watertown, Tennessee Part 2

  1. I’d love to be on that train both for the Murder Mystery and the Polar Express event (one of my favourite films). I hope you or your brother & sister in law get to go along, Meredith, so you can tell us all about it.


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