Next to Normal in Waipawa

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A grand old dame all dressed up The grand old dame all dressed up for show night

An hour’s drive south of Napier, past the tiny settlement of Otane, the small town of Waipawa (Misty River, in English) nestles between the hills and the Waipawa river. It’s purportedly one of the oldest inland towns in New Zealand. And it is small, even by our standards – the population is only  1923 – up 48 people on the last census. Along the main street there are a few houses, of the humble variety, a petrol station, some shops, a supermarket, a small library, and a settler’s museum. Travellers in the know about the quality of the cafe might stop but most drive on through, probably believing this is just another dead or dying country town where nothing much happens.

But have I got news for you! Waipawa is the home of the Waipawa M & D

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