I’d Rather Have Classes…

via Rappler.com

via Rappler.com

It might be summer at your side of the world but here in the Philippines, it’s the start of the typhoon season. At these months, students and even teachers like me are waiting for class suspensions. Last Monday, when I heard that a typhoon was approaching, I was kind of hoping that classes would be suspended. I always say on my blog posts that I’m so stressed at work and I really wanted to have a day off. And so, last Tuesday I was able to get what I wanted, a day of rest. But now I regret it…

It was still sunny last Tuesday so I expected that the storm would come the next day and I was right. Classes were suspended again on Wednesday. I woke up at 5 a.m. at the sound of the strong wind. I tried to sleep again but hearing the sound of flying iron roofs scared me. Our province was under  Storm Signal no. 3 (although I thought it was only Signal no. 2 that time). My parents were also awake and they told me it had been going on since 2 a.m. so they couldn’t sleep as well.

Our kitchen walls were only made of thin woods. We really hadn’t fixed them yet so I knew they were not that sturdy. My father wanted to tie them up but I was so worried. I was telling him to just go inside the house but he was stubborn as usual. I was really scared of the strong winds. I mean, I remember what typhoon Haiyan made last November and I was too scared it would happen here.

I just went back inside my room and prayed. I felt guilty because I knew I haven’t talked to God lately. I cried. I wished I just had classes that day. I could just wake up early and go to work. I was asking God to let it stop repeatedly. My mother went inside my room and lay down beside me. I was like a child who suddenly felt comfort beside my mother.

She went outside my room again to check on my father. I just wanted to sleep so I wouldn’t feel the fear. I sang Gospel songs until finally, I fell into a deep slumber. I woke up before 8 a.m. and everything was over. However, we had no kitchen walls anymore. I’m still thankful though because my family is safe.

There was a power blackout for two days. We just had electricity back on. It’s time for me to check on what’s going on with the rest of the country…

13 thoughts on “I’d Rather Have Classes…

    • When we just observe other people going through disasters like this, we don’t understand fully. We can empathize, but until you’ve gone through it yourself you do not understand.
      I realized this when a couple of years ago I was in the middle of a flood. Thanks for sharing.


  1. I hope that everything is okay there and the storms don’t do any harm. I live in FL and it’s hurricane season here, may not be as strong as a typhoon but I can relate to the severity of it. Stay safe ❤


  2. I am so glad you and your family are safe. I am sorry your kitchen walls came down again. Hopefully they can be fixed before the next one. I was on Guam for 7 typhoons. I don’t know how you all do it. A whole season of them. At least our hurricane season is relatively short.


  3. Hi Wantaps, I read this with my heart in my mouth – what a huge relief it must have been when at last the winds stopped. Thank goodness you and your family are safe. And now, it must be clean-up and repair time. I hope it is not too long before you have walls on for your kitchen again. Thank-you for sharing this.


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