Relaxing Weekend Getaway in Transylvania

These photos are beautiful. They show an iidyllic scenery in what I gather is Transylvania.


My weekend was quiet and relaxing in an idyllic place. We have celebrated my fiance’s birthday in Ciucea, a picturesque place in the Apuseni Mountains.
Ciucea is a beautiful village located 22 km west of Huedin.

Ciucea is situated on the right bank of the Crişul Repede River. This idyllic village is famous for the Octavian Goga Memorial House.
Octavian Goga was a great Transylvanian poet and politician, who bought the domain in 1920 and began the restoration in 1921. Between 1915 and 1917 the domain belonged to Endre Ady, a famous Hungarian poet.
The Measurement of Milk festivals are held in the villages around Ciucea, where shepherds bring their sheep and goats for a competition, to see who is the biggest producer of milk.

Ciucea is an interesting touristic destination with an abundant flora and fauna, and the fresh air makes the atmosphere relaxing and calm.
Landscapes are astonishing…

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