Short but sure to layer

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A Little of This and That

Weekend. Where have you been??  Just know that I love you and you are welcome here all the time!

Updates!  Ms. Autumn, sadly did not make the U10 soccer team.  Despite all of her (our) hard work.  She’s just a trainer player. She likes the game, and although she is hurt that she’s not on the team and a little worried about they are going to think, she likes the girls and is going to take on the position. Now if I were her, I would work so hard just so I could say Efffff you, you didn’t pick me for the team, take that little dose of regret. But she’s a better person than I am and is just looking forward to playing.

Marathon training?  I accomplished 8 miles today!  And poor Jane (my training partner). I complained the whole time.  I ache from head to toe. It’s for a good…

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