The U.S. Memorial Holocaust Museum

A great post from Adrienne.

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The United States Memorial Holocaust Museum (USMHM) is America’s official memorial to the Holocaust. It is located in Washington, D.C. and was opened in 1993.

My daughter and I visited the USMHM last week; this was my second visit and her first. We both moved quietly through the three main floors of the permanent exhibit at our own pace, overwhelmed by the cruelty documented, the massive loss of life, and the obvious bravery of so many people.

Displays at the USMHM include photographs, video loops, voice recordings, and letters to name a few. Short films are included on each floor as well. Video loops including graphic footage such as medical experimentation on Jews or executions are placed behind barriers so people have the option to watch or not. There is a room filled with thousands of shoes collected from Jewish people after they were gassed. Another display shows large bags…

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