The Backyard Farmer is BACK!

Rachel’s visit with John the farmer is so interesting. The photos are exceptional.

Rachel's Table

Two years ago when I started this blog and began researching local food options in my area, I was blessed to meet John. He lives down the road a little ways from my house. For a few blissful seasons, I helped him plant tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, and strawberries and then harvest those beauties plus many others. His backyard is the equivalent of a small farm–he even has chickens! I’m pleased to say that he is open for business this year after a brief hiatus. Just follow the signs you see on Old County Road in Newark. Here’s a piece I wrote about John a couple years ago. He’s still an inspiration!

When I pulled into John’s driveway he was standing by his shed with bare feet. I’ve talked about John before, mainly about how a cherry tomato from his garden inspired me to eat locally. I told him this. He looked pleased…

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