Banana Split…for Breakfast?

I’m having breakfast at Nora’s –

Natural Noshing

Oh yes, it’s possible!

I am on a breakfast roll these days! Although I’ve always been a breakfast eater, lately I’ve been really excited about switching things up and listening to what my body is craving. This morning I had a banana split…but “healthified”…and it didn’t include ice cream…sorry to disappoint some of you 🙂

I used cottage cheese for the “ice cream” since it scoops up nicely (in comparison to yogurt) but if you aren’t a fan of cottage cheese, use plain Greek yogurt for that protein punch! I’ve topped the “split” with all-fruit preserves for extra sweetness and added ground flax, chia seeds and chopped nuts for some extra fiber and crunch. Feel free to make this your own by switching up the ingredients and/or adding toppings to your liking (ideas below). Don’t think this dish has to be reserved for breakfast, it makes a healthy snack as well!

According to

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