West Coast of Gusung Island #1

Noe takes us on vacation to Gusung Island.

NOE Traveler

I was confused at the last day in Selayar Island on September 5th 2014. I was alone because all my friends decided to go home after our jurney to The Old Village of Bitombang on September 3rd. I had thought to go with them, but also still wanted to stay. And the thing that made me want to stay is the beauty of the beaches on the Gusung Island. So finally I decided to stay even though I had to travel alone.


Gusung island is located at the western of Selayar Island, South Sulawesi. It’s a small island that extends from north to south and divided by two, east coast and west coast. In the east there are fishing villages, and the beach a lot used for fishponds.

While on the west coast as an interesting destination because of its deserted beautiful beaches. The underwater is also beautiful so it…

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