Summer comes early in Gisborne

Jill’s scene and photography…

Jill's Scene

Downtown, Gisborne Downtown, Gisborne

Gisborne. Where the surf rolls in and the surfies are always out, where the sun shines and the beaches are sandy. And where, the summer I was five, I stubbed my toe in a headlong rush across the road to get to the water. It was a beauty – lots of blood and flapping skin. My Mum was good at a lot of things but not with blood – especially when it was one of her children bleeding. Fortunately, Dad pulled out the first-aide kit and declared himself “Doctor Doug”. It worked. I stopped crying. And my toe didn’t hurt quite so much. But no amount of magical parental powers and Rawleigh’s salve could fix the disappointment of having to stay out of the water for the rest of the day.

Ever since, my ideal beach accommodation is right on the beach – no road to cross. And…

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