Save that IDEA!

Helena has some smart ideas to keep us on track with our writing.

Heena Rathore P.

Save that IDEAMost of the times we just keep the ideas in our mind and think that we don’t have enough ideas to start writing, but guess what, all you’re doing is killing all those ideas that your mind already has! Trust me, you’ll never really have enough ideas to make you get up and start writing and even if you do get to writing after you’ve got a lot of ideas, it’ll be too late and you’ll end up forgetting most of them. The key is to write down the ideas as soon as one pops up in your mind or try to write it down asap! Don’t take your ideas for granted.

You might think that it is not as important as I’m trying to project it, but just think again. Have you ever thought about an excellent idea and thought “wow, now that’s a good idea!” but you think…

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