How Do I Promote My Blog Without Joining A Club?

My question, is quite simple: How do I promote my blog outside of WordPress?

I’m not trying to be ungracious to my fellow WordPressers, but when I started blogging my goal was to have mass appeal, kind of like a newspaper columnist.

Anyone who knows anything about blogging will say the best way to attract a following is to read and participate in other blogs. Ok, cool. Buuuut…as I got more into it, it seemed like depending on that method more or less turns WordPress into a glorified version of Facebook where everyone is so full of themselves that they sit around “liking” each other and swapping pleasant comments.

I see other blogs with hundreds, sometimes thousands of followers. I wonder how many of them are WordPress “courtesy follows.” For the record, I only follow blogs that I sincerely enjoy and would read even if I was not a blogger myself.  I follow many blogs that do not follow me, and vice-versa.  I’m fine with that.

I am on Twitter and spread the word about my blog outside of WordPress at every opportunity. I even have business cards I can pin on bulletin boards at the store. I think I have good content. Still, I can’t seem to get any traction. I know it’s hard to be noticed above the bazillion other blogs out there, but I think I should be doing better.

Again, I’m not intending to be disrespectful or sound like the WordPress community isn’t good enough for me. Still, it would be nice to be noticed from outside the neighborhood.

By the way, my blog is at

Ideas & thoughts are appreciated.







2 thoughts on “How Do I Promote My Blog Without Joining A Club?

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answere here… Struggling with the same issue and feeling. I’m not all comfortable with spreading the word in Twitter and so on, feels a bit hard for me. But I have sort of settled with “if it’s meant to happen it happens… I do what I can and hope for the “right” person to run into my bli one day;)
    After all I also have kids and a full time job, not so much time to spend in the blog world.

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  2. I feel the exact same way. The ironic thing is I googled “I can’t get any traction on my blog” which brought me to your site. Even though I have a WP blog, that should still count for you attracting an outsider, right? 😉

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