Angkringan: “Characteristic of Javaneese Food”

Food vendors along the road of Angkringan Agil – Bandung posted by Risty.

Risty's Breath

Angkringan (derived from the Javanese ‘Angkring’ which means sit back) is a thrust gerobag that sells a variety of foods and beverages commonly found on each edge of the road in Central Java and Yogyakarta. Solo known as hic stall (“special dishes a la village”) or Wedangan. Gerobag regular angkringan covered with plastic sheeting fabric and can carry about 8 people buyer. Operations starting in the afternoon, he relied on the traditional lighting is senthir, and also aided by the light of the street lamp.


Food for sale includes cats rice (Nasi Kucing), fried, intestine satay (chicken), satay quail eggs, chips and others. Drinks were sold varying as tea, juice, coffee, tape, ginger and milk. All sold at very affordable prices.

Although the price is cheap, but consumers shop is very varied. Starting from a pedicab driver, builder, office workers, students, artists, even to officials and executives. Inter buyers and…

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