Yes, Dorothy, there is a homophone machine…

Brilliant list from Steve.

Simplicity Lane

xxxxxcAll About Learning This site has a list of homophones; and there is a homophone machine that allows you to enter a word, and whirred, you have the homophone(s).

Holiday  Provides a list and explanation for holidays for the month, week, and individual days .  How else would we know that May is National Hamburger Month and August 18, 2015 is Bad Poetry Day (Maybe Bad Poetry Day is celebrated all year long  🙂 Yes, The ‘force be with you’ Lil-Doggies haiku meets the bill.)

How Many  Just like the name of the site implies, enter a word and you get How Many Syl-la-bles.  I find this site to be invaluable for my attempts at haiku poetry.

Irish  Allows you to enter 26,000 English or Irish words or verbs (please, one at a time!) and get the English or Irish equivalents…

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