A walk in the jungle

Take a walk in the jungle with Jill, after, that is, you discover what she finds could be on her supplies list.

Jill's Scene

All good trekkers know, no matter how brief the trek and ours was only a few hours long, supplies are essential. So we began the day with a visit to the  Luanga Namtha morning market.

Any special food requirements, Sing, our guide, asked.  We’ll try anything I said. In all the excitement I forgot about my recent tummy issues. Until I found him studying the fresh meat section!

No, Sing. I’m not killing it and I won’t be plucking it, either.  Sing, move away from that stall.

Poultry for sale Fresh means fresh!

And I’m not eating that either!

Dried frog at Luang Namtha morning market Dried frog is a delicacy – apparently

This is more like it.

Yummy taro Deep fried taro

Yes, fresh veggies and fruit!

Luang Namtha morning market Plenty of vegetables and fruit to choose from

Supplies obtained, Sing happy and me relieved, we’re ready to tackle our walk in the jungle.

Luang Namtha is close to the Nam Ha National Protection…

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