Say what?! I beg your pardon.

Florence has produced a beautiful piece concerning conversation. Enjoy!


I read historical romance novels, whether they are considered classics like ‘Pride and Prejudice’, or contemporary offerings of historical romance from authors like Stephanie Laurens, Sabrina Jefferies, Anne Gracie or Sarah MacLean.

What caught my initial attention to historical romance was the dialogue … the old-fashioned conversations where civility rules, with negligible swearing and yet convey the same message, if not better.  Alright, civility is relative and generational, it changes with the times… but I do love the language of old. The scathing rebuke, the haughty disdain, the cutting criticism and the subtle flirting…love them.

  • How did we lose the art of subtlety?
  • Why do we think we need to be simple, direct and spell it all out?
  • When did we believe we have the right to speak our minds no matter what?
  • Why do we believe being silent about certain topics is cowardice?
  • How has it come to be…

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