Pet Health – Massage for your pet that benefits you too.

Pet owners, Sally has some good advice.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I first posted a version of this early last year and as part of an ongoing process of resharing those that might now find a new audience, here it is………

cropped massage

I first discovered that Sam our rough collie enjoyed a massage when he was still only a few weeks old. I would lie on the floor on my side and he would come and lie down in my arms resting his head on my shoulder while I gently massaged his shoulders, back and down his legs. He would fall asleep and be totally calm and relaxed when he woke up.

Even when he was ten years older and weighed 40 kilos he still loved his daily massage. Whilst out on our daily walks he would run in front of me and almost somersault into a prone position.   A rolling eye was the clear invitation for me to begin a laying…

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