A walk in Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm in early spring

Last weekend we had some excellent weather in Sweden and we went for a trip to our capital. We love to visit Södermalm, a part of the town which is very special and well worth a visit. I wrote a post about Södermalm in the autumn 2014, with some photos from that season, see it here.
Parts of Södermalm is like a small town in the countryside, with small, old wooden houses. There are also some crowded streets like Götgatan and Hornsgatan with restaurants, coffee places and shops. There is a very special atmosphere in this part of Stockholm and I love it:) If you are thinking about visit Södermalm, here is some information: visit Stockholm.

First we walked among the small wooden houses, that have been here for many years… Idyllic, small gardens inside the fences.

Södermalm is built on some hills, there are a lot of walking up and down, which is nice and also offers wonderful views over the town.


View from a hill


Walking up and down…

I will finish this post with some colorful details:

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