Keith Garrett’s poem of a man & woman barefoot in the sand.



A beautiful Autumn day, the sun shines down, away to the ocean to play,

The horizon line appears so close before my ageing, same old face.

Up high the sky holds many fantastic colors to a wanderers sight,

Watch as the musical waves play their tune of life in our everyday.

If i could stand upon the waters then a fantasy would be mine for the day,

Within the wind there are many stories to be heard, to be told.

Along this ancient shore we stroll barefoot in the sand, woman and man,

Holding hands while the water from a beginning, from far off lands

Wash up and touch our feet, wet sand felt by a woman and a man.

Yes! here we are walking barefoot in the sand, walked upon by many a man,

Peaceful as i close these tired, dreaming, eyes as she guides me along hand…

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