Monochrome Madness 2 – 5

kazg10 ask for a vote:
Osprey in B & W or color?


Up until a few minutes ago I had absolutely nothing for this week’s challenge.  Over the Easter break we went to the Lismore area via Ballina and surrounds.  We even went over the Richmond River on a car ferry that runs from Burns Point over to South Ballina.  It was a miserable weekend weatherwise with a lot of cloud and not of the interesting kind.  Coming back from the beach we spotted this Eastern Osprey (I think) sitting in a tree.  I wished the reeds were not in the way blowing around in the wind obscuring its face somewhat but short of mowing the grass and frightening off the bird I had to make the best of it.

I post processed in Lightroom and changed it to black and white… I’ve put in the coloured version for your perusal. I don’t mind it in black and white but equally its…

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