‘Texture’ 52 Weeks of Photography–Week 14, ‘Vie/Reach’ Haiku Challenge #39

Melissa is proficient at multi-tasking.

The Aran Artisan

From my adventures on the mainland this week…

At the Galway Atlantaquaria they have a ‘touch tank’ of starfish. Visitors are encouraged to pick them up and my daughters and niece wanted to, so we did.  A couple of the ones I approached jerked away from me.  I left them alone.  Most didn’t seem to mind, but it’s hard not to wonder if they are happy in captivity.  They ranged in size from tiny to double my hand.  They can live up to 35 years and weigh up to 5 kilos.  I’m only familiar with touching them in my childhood, washed up ashore and dried out. These had soft and spongy bellies, but their top surface was as rough as it looks– a great choice for this weeks photo challenge word ‘texture’ from Jamie at Blue Daisy Creates.  20150408_103946 (2)

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