Join Me in the Vibration! Let’s do a Thunderclap for “The Lyre of Logres,” by Alienora Taylor

Colleen is so clever to find these helpful sites that aid our friends in publicizing their books. Join in today. Soon it will be Colleen’s book we’ll be posting on Thunderclap.

Colleen Chesebro ~ The Fairy Whisperer

I’ve got a huge secret and I have to share it right now!! I need your help in sponsoring Ali Taylor’s new book published on Amazon April 12, 2015!


Click on the link above to help on the social media sites you want to help on. It’s that easy! Nothing else for you to do. The day the thunderclap message goes out, it does all the posting. Just click it and forget it!  We need at least 100 hundred people, so join the vibration!

Here is a brief description of Ali’s new book:

“These short pieces all deal with the connection between man and the landscape, using the metaphor of the lyre to describe the deep song the world sings when its strings are plucked by human emotions, actions and thoughts.
Lyrical, haunting, joyous, disturbing and mystical, these stories will appeal to the musician…

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