Brain Drain? No, global workers! On the new Italian Immigration

Maura invites us to Italy.

American Life. The Italian way.

A talk with Alessia Angelin, President of the Professionisti Italiani in Philadelphia (PiPhilly)

Alessia Angelin Interview with Alessia Angelin, the President of Italian association of Professionals in Philadelphia

Today I had the pleasure to meet with Alessia Angelin, President of the organization PI Philly (Professionisti Italiani in Philadelphia). We met at 9 am, at the Gran Caffe’ L’Aquila, a stylish Italian café near Rittenhouse, playing Italian music and serving gorgeous food.

In front of a piping-hot cappuccino (ok, ok… also a croissant), we spoke of the new Italian voices in Philadelphia, a town where the Italian immigration left an important heritage. South Street and the Italian market are still nowadays the mecca for gourmet food seekers! However, the Italian-Americans of South Street and the recent immigration are two experiences completely different.

So, who are these new people with an Italian Accent living in Philadelphia and in other major American cities? What…

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